The programme “A World of Neighbours” aims at strengthening interreligious relations between faith-based actors working with and for ‘people on the move’ – migrants and refugees – in Europe.  In doing so, we seek to make this work more connected and visible.

Furthermore, the programme enhances opportunities for the interreligious community to voice more strongly its ethical, moral and humanitarian concern for refugees in Europe, in the public discourse.  The programme wishes to defend democratic values, promote social and existential sustainability and nurture peaceful coexistence in Europe. 

A World of Neighbours is an initiative of the Church of Sweden.  

Want to know more?

We are busy editing texts and videos, and collecting pictures from site visits, working groups and more to give you the full picture of this program. To get an idea of what A World of Neighbours is – read or download our folder.

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Genom programmet ‘En värld av grannar – Interreligiös praktik för fred’ vill Svenska kyrkan främja fredlig samexistens och ett humant Europa, som präglas av social och andlig hållbarhet. Ett samhälle där människor värnar om sin nästa och försvarar demokratiska grundvärderingar – En värld av grannar.