A WORLD OF NEIGHBOURS aims at strengthening interreligious relations between faith-based actors working with and for ‘people on the move’ – migrants and refugees – in Europe.  In doing so, we seek to make this work more connected and visible.

Furthermore, the programme enhances opportunities for the interreligious community to voice more strongly its ethical, moral and humanitarian concern for refugees in Europe, in the public discourse.  The programme wishes to defend democratic values, promote social and existential sustainability and nurture peaceful coexistence in Europe. 

A WORLD OF NEIGHBOURS is guided by a vision of convivenz (living together) in a diverse, humane and welcoming Europe. Moving forward, it will be expressed in the primary programmatic elements:

A living laboratory
In the Swedish context, AWoN serves as a ‘living laboratory’ for the engagement of the interreligious movement with ‘people on the move’.

A community of practice
At the grassroots level, AWoN seeks to establish a ‘community of practice’ among faith-based and civil society practitioners, serving with receiving communities and affiliated humanitarian organizations on behalf of refugees and migrants.

An agenda for collaborative action
In the European context, the Archbishop of Sweden will convene a February 2022 Summit of refugees, migrants, practitioners and other grassroots actors for peer-to-peer discussions with institutional, political and religious leaders in creating an agenda for collaborative action.

A World of Neighbours is an initiative of the Church of Sweden.  

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