Fatema Rasoli stand on a mountain top with arms streched out.

Running the Human Race

I run and run. Kilometre after kilometre. Higher and higher up the mountains. Top after top. Maybe in a desperate attempt to escape from memories that I have tried to suppress these last years. Memories that are coming back when seeing Talibans on the streets of Kabul and Afghanistan. I was born under Taliban rule, …

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Mahmood being interview by Yle, Finnish news.

Housing-project Work Against the Clock as Reception Centers Close

Six weeks from now Nihtisilla refugee reception centre in Espoo, Finland will close down. Several refugee reception centres in Finland have already ceased to exist due to decreasing numbers of asylum seekers.   The decision has created distress among the asylum seekers, many of whom have lived at Nihtisilla for five years. A significant number …

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The Value of Gender Equality

The migration challenges of gender relations and equality was the topic of A World of Neighbours zoomcast in March. In the panel was Ingrid Jerve Ramsøy, a social anthropologist with a PhD in International Migration and Ethnic Relations from Malmö University, Sweden and Anna Wilczyńska,  a specialist in Arabic and founder of SalamLab, Poland. https://vimeo.com/526575269 …

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Religious Leaders Send Strong Message as EU Presents Migration Pact

“Solidarity should be the guiding principle governing migration and particularly refugee reception,” the statement says. “We expect the EU to reject the discourse and politics of fear and deterrence, and to adopt a principled stance and compassionate practice based on the fundamental values on which the EU is founded.” The organisations issued the statement in advance …

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A new beginning

– I was happy in Sweden, had friends who loved me and a clear vision about my future. After a long time I had finally started to feel at home again, but then all that collapsed and I became all alone, again, says Arash Khawari. – As a child my dream was to become a …

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My Name is Basira

“I paint to express what I feel deep inside, the passion for living in freedom, the love of nature and the art of being human. To me, what race and gender you have doesn’t matter, or the boundaries that religion and tradition require. I reach out beyond borders and nations to make friends and show …

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“Governments Need to Know that We Care about Refugees”

Igor Chubaryov’s grandparents fled from pogroms. His parents left Ukraine with other Jews after the Nazis attacked. When he was 24 years old, he escaped Russian persecution and resettled in New York. Now Chubaryov helps fellow refugees as a New York-based program manager for HIAS. Sabrina Lustgarten’s grandparents escaped Nazi persecution in Poland and found …

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