Stories from people on the move

A new beginning

– I was happy in Sweden, had friends who loved me and a clear vision about my future. After a long time I had finally started to feel at home again, but then all that collapsed and I became all alone, again, says Arash Khawari. – As a child my dream was to become a …

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My Name is Basira

“I paint to express what I feel deep inside, the passion for living in freedom, the love of nature and the art of being human. To me, what race and gender you have doesn’t matter, or the boundaries that religion and tradition require. I reach out beyond borders and nations to make friends and show …

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Who Killed Reza?

He closes the door to his apartment, takes off his shoes and jacket in the corridor before going into the living room. He sits on his armchair and opens his iPad to play  The Search by NF. After a minute he gets up, goes to the kitchen and drinks a glass of cold water.  – …

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