Conviviality – a Mechanism of Inclusion

“How is it possible to live together in a Europe of increasing diversity and growing inequality?” This question was raised by the solidarity group, diaconal actors from the three European regions, within the Lutheran World Federation working to reform community diaconia in Europe. 

Above you find a recording of the lunch bite webinar Diaconal practice and theology in Europe: Reporting back from the Lutheran World Federation programme Seeking Conviviality – People on the Move arranged by A World of Neighbours in January 2021.

Over the last years the speakers, together with the rest of the LWF solidarity group, has grappled with the concept of conviviality – understood broadly as the radical act of living together, thriving together. It can be understood as both a goal and as a strategy to counter marginalization and harming power structures within the society.

As one of the contributors in the seminar shared here put it: “Mechanisms of exclusion needs response in a form of mechanisms of inclusion – conviviality is such a mechanism”. 

This webinar speaks from a Christian perspective, but we encourage people from other faith traditions to join in the discussion – either in your own context, or by sharing thoughts and response here on the blog.   

In the video presentation you will meet:  

Tony Addy, Consultant Lutheran World Federation (LWF) and Head of Education Interdiac gives us the background to the concept – Seeking Conviviality, and present the LWF process.  

Ulla Siirto, Advisor at National Church Council, Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland reflects on the process and present convivial diaconal work in Finland and Estonia.  

Kjell Nordstokke, ThD, Oslo, reflects on diaconal theology, diapraxis and conviviality. 

Nils Åberg, diocese of Church of Sweden Västerås, presents the LWF process – Seeking Conviviality – People on the Move.  

The Lutheran World Federation (LWF) is a global communion of 148 churches in the Lutheran tradition, representing over 77 million Christians in 99 countries. One of the areas of work is interfaith relations. Download reports from the Seeking Convivilaity process.