Deafening political silence to despair

Refugees on the border between Turkey and Greece.

Today I want to shout. News reports coming out of Idlib. Videos from the Turkish border with Greece. Tweets of desperation. WhatsApp-calls across the globe. All our networks are up again. We hear the cries of despair. And we hear the deafening silence of our political leaders. Today I want to shout. And I am glad I am not alone. A World of Neighbours is standing together, a network of change agents all over Europe.  

We are not afraid. We know what we are made for. To praise God and to serve humans. We are not afraid to lend a hand to those fleeing war and destruction – we are terrified that turning away from their needs will cause us to lose our common humanity.  

We are not afraid. We choose to stand with others. Every day we work for humanity – we know what humanity looks like. Together we can change the world. We know it. Because we have seen it, we have lived it, we have met it. Because together we have already changed the world. We are the ones who think that to be allowed to welcome and be welcomed, to share our bread, to cry with those who cry and to laugh together when there is time for laughter is just exactly that – world changing.  

We are not afraid. We are the ones who shout – from the rooftops and outside parliament’s chambersin your local newspaper and at your dining room table. Not to make trouble, but because we know what we are made for. Because this responsibility is ours. This world is ours. We are humanity. And to those who call for borders rather than for peace – remember, you are part of it too.