Muslim Jewish Alliance Calls for Action on Situation of Migrants at EU Border

The Muslim Jewish Alliance (MJA) stands in solidarity with all those suffering at the border of Greece and Turkey, just as we stand with those at deadly borders across the world: with the migrants who are under attack for no crime, just for seeking a life of safety, with the humanitarian helpers under attack as they do their duty as part of the human family, with the civilians on all sides being used as pawns or being manipulated by regimes and politicians.

Children playing behind fence in Greek refugee camp.
The situtaion at the border of Europe i made a crisis by a lack of political will.

We stand in solidarity, of course, but solidarity is not enough. We call for action, and we are working to undertake actions on behalf of and in aid of all of these groups. Comprised of a core team of Muslim and Jewish practitioners who have been engaged in the work of bringing our communities together for many years, the MJA has a long track record of coordinating activists across Europe to provide aid to refugees.

Since the beginning of 2020 we have been actively building a global infrastructure to connect practitioners in the field of migrant accompaniment from both of our traditions with one another to better serve our sisters and brothers seeking a new life of peace and safety. We have been undertaking this work with the A World Of Neighbors initiative of the Church of Sweden across Europe, and with other partners globally. We know, as do all our partners in this field, that experts are expecting hundreds of millions of people to become refugees in the coming decades. Yet we all thought we had more time, and we have taken our time, a luxury that refugees do not have.

What is happening at the borders, especially on the border of Europe, need not be a crisis. Solutions abound, both economic and charitable. The situation is made a crisis by a lack of political will and lack of political imagination. Yet we practitioners and civil society organizations can only deal with symptoms, and we can only do so much to change policy and politics.

We call on political and business leadership to act, and we stand ready to assist. We call on the Turkish government to stop using migrants as pawns in their international political positioning, and we call for action from the European Union to control the violence of Greek authorities and individual Greek citizens against unarmed migrants and humanitarian workers.

These workers are our colleagues, partners and allies and we fear for their safety. These migrants are our brothers and sisters, and we fear of course for their wellbeing, but just as much we fear for our humanity.

We call on business leaders to invest in jobs and commit to training for the migrants at the borders, as governments are significantly more likely to allow in migrants with guaranteed work. And as we call on leaders to make changes, we pledge to work harder, to work faster, to find solutions for those currently desperately in need, and for those to come, and we call on our allies and partners to do the same. And we invite any and all who seek to ease the burden of our migrant brothers and sisters to reach out to us and join us in this work.

For questions or collaboration with Muslim Jewish Alliance, contact:

Zachary Gallant Head of Migration and Refugee Affairs for the Muslim Jewish Alliance . Phone: +49-176 5771 1984  E-mail: MJAMigRef(at)