Research and Reports

Research, reports and articles concerning migration and faithbased organizations as receiving communities. 

A multi-religious response to the migrant crisis in Europe

A preliminary examination of potential benefits of multi-religious cooperation on the integration of migrants

Majbritt Lyck-Bowen & Mark Owen (2018)
University of Winchester

Data collected during a pilot project identifies a range of different possible advantages for a multi-religious approach, and is used to critically reflect on existing literature concerning religion’s role in integration processes. The study concludes that a multi-religious approach to integration has some distinctive benefits and therefore should be encouraged and supported.

Guidebook to multireligious cooperation

This handbook summarises the results of the study above, A Multi-Religious Response to the Migrant Crisis in Europe, and uses case studies to illustrate the benefits of multireligious approaches to integration projects and initiatives.

The land of a thousand refused asylum seekers

The state of resources, coping strategies and prospects for the future: experiences of refused asylum seekers living in Finland

Teija Kukkonen (2019)
University of Gothenburg

The results from this study indicate that the interviewees lacked access to different resources due to their legal status. Their social assets were generally quite limited, but existing networks had a valuable meaning for them. Access to health services was constrained, and the need for psychosocial support was particularly high.