Research Network


Research is crucial to A World of Neighbours. Scholars affiliated with the network investigate what migration means at local and global levels. Concentrating on the significance of multi-faith initiatives for welcoming people on the move, we aim to foster open-minded discussion about migration in Europe by providing critical and constructive accounts of A World of Neighbours work in the context of the different and diverse European migration regimes. Our research is cross-disciplinary and cross- denominational, involving scholars from a variety of religious and non-religious backgrounds from all over Europe who bring their experience and expertise to bear on the challenges most critical to the work of the network.

Our Research Team analyses and assesses the grassroots work of A World of Neighbours in action. When people from multiple religious and non-religious backgrounds work together, challenges arise. The challenges revolving around religion are a promising point of departure for learning how to understand each other better. Together with the practitioners, the research team advances practical and theoretical knowledge that can help to foster and facilitate such understanding – both inside and outside A World of Neighbours. This co-production of knowledge is at the core of A World of Neighbours’ overall research agenda.

Our Academic Affiliates conduct research on migration in a wide variety of disciplines. They support the work of A World of Neighbours by providing information applicable to multi-faith initiatives in specific countries and specific cases, thus facilitating knowledge exchange from the researchers to the practitioners and from the practitioners to the researchers.

Chaired by Dr Ulrich Schmiedel, Lecturer in Theology, Politics and Ethics at the University of Edinburgh, our academic advisors support the decision-making process of A World of Neighbours both on institutional and individual levels. They offer guidance on all activities of the network, concentrating on the research programme and projects.

If you want to know more about our research, please contact:

Ryszard Bobrowicz (Chief Networking Officer):
ryszard.bobrowicz [at]