“To Do What I Do Better!”

Today the second cohort of the growing AWON Practitioners Network held its first meeting. This time the group is made up by 10 practitioners working in Hungary, Slovakia, Sweden, UK, Ireland, and Germany.

Their field of expertise and engagement stretches from providing legal aid, psychological empowerment, support for young and employment opportunities to new refugees and long-term migrant communities. Many of them are also, naturally, involved in strengthening welcoming communities around Europe – in order to contribute to a welcoming and socially cohesive society– and often do this in their local community in collaboration with other NGOs and municipalities.  

The network that is now on its way will provide venues for practitioners working in the fields of migration, integration and interreligious collaborations to come together and learn from each other– something was brought to the table already at their first meeting: 

“I am here because I find working as a volunteer is a lonely place, because for me I have invested more of myself in what I do than just employment. I need to connect with people that are, like me, committed! I am here to learn from you and looking for support and inspiration.” said one of the participants during the first meeting.  

The group will meet weekly during spring for mutual support and sharing, training and common learning. And, as articulated by one of the new “NP:s” when asked what her hopes for this network is: “To do what I do better!”  

Are you interested, do you want to learn more about the AWON Practitioners Network and maybe join one of the upcoming cohorts – please send an email to dirk.ficca(at)svenskakyrkan.se