Through visits, interviews and collaboration with people across EuropeA World of Neighbours engages grassroots actors accompanying people on the move‘, media and policy makers. Gathering in working groups, we get to know each other, building bridges of understanding between people, cultures and religions.

Working group 1: Strengthening Receiving Communities

The first working group met in Glasgow, Scotland to discuss how ecumenism an d interreligious praxis develops, what the role of the faith community is, and  their specific contribution in relation to welcoming people on the move. 

Working group 2: Policy Frameworks

Representatives from faith communities together with representatives from IOM, UNHCR and European Economic and Social Committee met to discuss the impact of policies concerning migration, asylum and refugee status on people on the move and on the receiving communities.

Working group 3: Narrative and Media

Journalists alongside various NGOs and grassroots organisations throughout Europe, contributed to the roundtable discussion on how narratives in the media shape the public’s perception of refugees and migrants. 


Keeping our Humanity – For We Were Strangers Once

To further the vision for peaceful coexistence and social sustainability in Europe, a cross-section of society were called together to discover a shared vision and common ground for guidance, advocacy and collaboration for the future.The gathering, hosted by the Archbishop Antje Jackelén, met in Malmö, January 27 – 30.